Engineering Team

Engineering team

Our team  has the necessary real world engineering experience and technical expertise you require.  We come from a background that is steeped in hands-on knowledge.  We know how the control industry is being designed today, and how it needs to progress in the future.

The passion for safety is ingrained in everything we do.  For example, volunteering to be part of the global decision making team in charge of fire and gas standards and specifications.  As well as being the first in Canada to achieve the prestigious ISA84 SIS Expert designation.  We are constantly evolving our skill set and making sure you have the most up to date industry knowledge to ensure a safe facility design.  Ensuring we try to educate everyone on the latest Fire and gas recommendations is vitally important to us. 

We are proud to be one of the very few organizations that has decided that Fire and Gas system engineering and design is of such critical importance.  Many times this crucial safety system is forgotten about, or worse, designed to such a poor degree that the facility is in fact more dangerous. Complacency creeps in as now people think they are safe when the very opposite is true.   We are one of an elite group of companies that can actually prove a system is safe, and in reality save you 1000’s if not millions of dollars when this design is done correctly.

  • Greg Pajak, P.tech (eng), ISA84 SIS Expert Owner/FGS Specialist
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    The recent spotlight on the Alberta oil and gas industry has brought environmental and safety concerns to the forefront.  With a microscope pointed firmly at the industry, organizations look to ways to not only ensure they exceed regulated standards, but to do so in a way that returns and ensures shareholder value.

    It is the realization of this spotlight that ignited Greg’s passion to put science behind fire and gas detection engineering.   With a passion driven by the need to ensure safety while ensuring cost effectiveness, Greg has become an evangelist for the world of fire and gas detection.

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