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  • SEI Technologies is here to provide a solution to your project requirements.  Fire and Gas Systems (FGS), Instrumentation Engineering and Process Safety Analysis are all areas which we can add tremendous value.  If you are an owner/operator, and Engineering firm, skid manufacturer, or even an independent contractor, we are ready and able to help you succeed.
  • We have a vision.  That vision is to bring information to the industry and have safety become the number one item on a project overview.  Too many times we have seen systems such as Fire and Gas be relegated to the end of the project, regarded as an afterthought.  Many times, this type of complex system is assigned to someone with little or no technical knowledge of how to engineer it effectively.
  • An independent organization such as SEI will help you navigate the confusing sea of vendor misinformation and point you on the right path.
  • Not designing your FGS properly is a huge mistake.  Not only is it costing the project 1000’s if not millions of dollars, it may well be compromising the safety and security if your facility and more importantly your workforce.
  • We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but we can assist in any location worldwide.  The owner has worked in the past in various locations around the globe, such as Newfoundland, Yemen, UAE, South America, and the USA.   There is no reason for geographical location to handcuff you in executing a safe and economical project.   We would be happy to submit a proposal for your next project.  Let us earn your trust and succeed together.

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