• Define

    Investigate problems and opportunities

  • Analyze

    Study of risks and solutions

  • Engineer

    System engineering and solution execution

  • Document

    Creation of all models and reports

  • Realize

    Cost effective and Optimized project

  • fire detector cone of vision insight numerics
  • fire and gas assessment report
  • CFD model for gas release
  • fire and gas plant 3D model
  • fire detection report

Fire and Gas System Engineering and Design

Don’t leave the safety of your facility to vague estimates and conjecture. Get piece of mind that what is designed is done safely, effectively, and economically.  Services that can  be provided (but are not limited to) include:
  • Assisting with the Development of FGS Philosophy
  • Performance Target Selection
  • Detector Placement / Technology Assessment
  • Detector Mapping (Coverage) Assessment
  • FGS Functional Safety Assessment and Auditing
  • FGS Requirements Specifications Development
  • Maintenance and Testing (Validation) Support
  • Instrumentation Control
  • Instrumentation
  • Instrumentation design fire and gas
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Instrumentation PID
  • gas detector installation

Instrument and Controls Consulting

With today’s push for faster designed industrial projects and the nature of project work, it sometimes doesn’t make sense to hire someone directly for a full time position.   With over 20 years’ experience in the Instrumentation and Controls field of expertise and a member of ASET as a licensed P. Tech.(Eng.) with the ability to stamp engineering documentation, we can provide the necessary help for your company to get the Instrumentation and controls side of the job done correctly and efficiently.  
Services that can be done include:
  • Designing and creating new control systems
  • Managing instrumentation database and documentation
  • Design changes to existing systems
  • Liaising with contractors, suppliers, clients and relevant authorities.
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting
  • Assessing and interpreting data
  • Comprehending and ensuring that all operations are performed in compliance with the quality standards as well as safety and health regulations
  • Project management for a time and cost constrained environment
  • Preparing project specifications, timescales, and budgets with managers/clients
  • Providing consultancy support and advice,  creating test procedures, providing technical assistance and creating documentation and reports
  • Providing guidance on the testing, assessing, calibrating and modification of instruments/products
  • Performing relevant research; producing and adopting designs
  • sil classification worksheet process safety
  • PHA Process Safety Analysis
  • Process Safety
  • PSM
  • Fire gas design engineering
  • Gas Leak Reporting

Process Safety Consulting

Process safety is of critical importance when it comes to the automation of a facility.  With certification as a SIS Expert, we are uniquely qualified to handle analsis of your process systems, and provide guidance.  Some of the services than can be done include:

  • Project cost estimation
  • Construction package development
  • Instrumentation specifications and datasheet creation
  • Verification of vendor acceptability and instrumentation compatibility
  • Auditing P&ID’s for I&C symbols, ensuring adherence to acceptable ISA standards
  •  I/O list creation and interface with electrical contractors
  •  Instrument Indexes for both skid vendor construction and site building
  •  Plant database recommendations
  •  Creation/Auditing of required I&C specifications and standards for the facility
  •  Expert interface with vendors and site construction, including Commissioning and Start-up assistance
  •  RFP, RFQ, and RFI development and evaluation
  •  SAT, FAT, change order management
  •  Provide assistance on automation contractor selection and management
  •  HAZOP/LOPA/SIS analysis and professional recommendations based on current laws and regulations

Frequently Asked Questions

FGS risk mitigation?

Industrial process plants and production facilities that handle flammable and toxic materials have an inherent risk.  With the pressure of lowering costs, less manpower and increasing production, todays complicated sites have a need more than ever to be made safe for both the employees and the community.   Fire and Gas systems (FGS) are important tools for safeguarding these locations.

Benefits of FGS analysis


  1. Ensuring greater risk areas are fully covered
  2. Over-instrumenting the plant is reduced,  and can provide cost savings in both construction and maintenance
  3. Having factual data to make sure the site is designed safely
  4. Following recognized standards for your design (ISA TR84.00.07, NFPA, etc.)
Typical FGS deliverables

Deliverables list (partial)

  1. Assisting with the Development of FGS Philosophy
  2. Performance Target Selection
  3. Detector Placement / Technology Assessment
  4. Detector Mapping (Coverage) Assessment
  5. FGS Functional Safety Assessment and Auditing
  6. FGS Requirements Specifications Development
  7. Maintenance and Testing (Validation) Support
FGS for cost savings?

Cost savings is king! With the collapse of the oil and gas industry over the last few years companies are trying to lean out as much as possible. One way this can be done is with a properly designed detection system. It doesn’t seem like something that could save you money, but consider this:  One typical gas detector is $4000. to install that detector on average brings it up (conservatively) to $20,000 per new device install.  Maintenance and infrastructure per device could be $2000/yr.   By doing a proper design that proves safety and optimization, you can see how much this can add up. (numbers come directly from a major oil and gas produced in Canada)

What is “upload files” menu?

Upload files: When we have to do any type of project, many files and documents will have to be shared.  We have a dedicated FTP portal for you to use to transfer files.  Much more secure than email, and much higher capacity.  Should be able to handle even the most complicated 3D plant model files, as well as all of your specifications and standards. Just request a login access  from that menu, and our team will set you up for quick file transfer access.

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